Intensive Care patient Monitor-MMED6000DP-S6

  • 10.4" color display,CRT or larger display can be connected simultaneously
  • AC Power and Internal rechargeable battery
  • 13 kinds of Arrhythmia analysis, HRV and S-T segment analysis
  • 60 seconds ECG waveform review
  • 7-Channel ECG waveforms displayed simultaneously
  • Drug Dose calculation
  • Maximum 72-hour graphic and tabular trends of all Parameters
  • Adjustable 3 level audio and visual alarm
  • Anti-high-frequency electrosurgical equipment
  • Optional with Built-in 3 channels thermal recorder; External Printer can be connected
  • Networked with central monitoring system by wired or wireless LAN
  • Applicable for Adult, Pediatric and Neonatal patient
Standard Configuration

5-lead ECG, NIBP, SpO2, RESP, Dual-TEMP, Lead Acid Battery, Wired Networking Card for Wired LAN


5-lead ECG cable, Adult reusable NIBP cuff, Adult reusable SpO2 sensor with extension cable, Skin TEMP sensor with extension cable


Dual-IBP, EtCO2, Printer, Wireless Networking Card for Wireless LAN