Sinatrium is based on highly flexible stent platform Cobalt-Chromium (L605) which offers outstanding Flexibility and Comfortibility. Sinatrium has unique hybrid design and thinner strut (60µm) which offers extremely low crossing profile and excellent stent deliverability. Uniform bonding of Sirolimus and Biodegradable polymer (PLLA and PDLG) provides exceptional coating integrity.

Drug Everolimus





Micron Strut Thickness
Best in class Flexibility


Hybrid Design

Technical Specification
Stent Material Cobalt Chromium L605
Available Stent Length in mm 8,12,16,20,24,28,32,36,40
Available Stent diameter in mm 2.50, 2.75, 3.00, 3.50, 4.00
Stent Design 8 crown hybrid design
Stent Strut Thickness 60µm (0.060mm/0.0024”)
Mean Recoil < 4 %
Mean Foreshortening Less than 0.25%
Crossing Profile
Stent Diameter (mm) Crossing Profile (mm)
2.50 0.90
2.75 0.93
3.00 0.95
3.50 1.00
4.00 1.05
Drug and Polymer
Drug Sirolimus
Drug Concentration 1.25µg/mm²
Polymer Biodegradable and Biocompatible
Delivery system
Stent Delivery catheter Rapid Exchange(RX) stent delivery system
Effective length 140 cm
Tip profile 0.014”(0.36mm)
Guiding catheter compatibility 5F (Min.ID 0.056”/1.42mm)
Radio opaque markers 2-platinium/iridium
Shaft outer diameter Proximal 1.95 F/ Distal 2.7 F
Balloon overhang Less than 0.5 mm
Nominal Pressure 9 atm
Rated Burst Pressure 16 atm

Ordering Information

Stent Diameter (mm) Stent Length
08 mm 12 mm 16 mm 20 mm 24 mm 28 mm 32 mm 36 mm 40 mm
2.50mm SN25008 SN25012 SN25016 SN25020 SN25024 SN25028 SN25032 SN25036 SN25040
2.75mm SN27508 SN27512 SN27516 SN27520 SN27524 SN27528 SN27532 SN27536 SN27540
3.00mm SN30008 SN30012 SN30016 SN30020 SN30024 SN30028 SN30032 SN30036 SN30040
3.50mm SN35008 SN35012 SN35016 SN35020 SN35024 SN35028 SN35032 SN35036 SN35040
4.00mm SN40008 SN40012 SN40016 SN40020 SN40024 SN40028 SN40032 SN40036 SN40040