Vivo Isar

Our New Generation Drug Eluting Stents are changing the landscape of Coronary Artery Intervention globally. Vivo Isar is World’s 1st Dual Drug Polymer Free Coronary Stent, which brings new realm of safety with polymer free drug delivery without compromising the release kinetics.

The Dual Drug Sirolimus and Probucol
Probucol is an antioxidant with enhanced anti-restenotic efficacy In addition, when used as a component of a stent coating matrix, its high lipophilicity can retard the release of sirolimus, Sirolimus on the other end is a well studied and clinically proven immunosuppressant used extensively in Drug Eluting Stent

Microporous Surface:
The Microporous Stent Surface has micropores or wells which act like reservoirs for delivering the drug to the targeted site .Micropores use vander-waal forces for the controlled released of drug

Abluminal Coating
The Dual drug matrix is coated on the Abluminal side which ensures better Endothelialization

Shellac Resin
Shellac Resin is the top coat of the stent for smooth surface which prevents dual drug matrix break ups during stent expansion